Leaf Blower Attachments for Compact Tractors

Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers can be a real handy piece of equipment come fall when the yards start of get covered with leaves. Who has time to rake anymore? There are a number of different types of leaf blowers such as hand held electic leaf blowers, backpack gas powered leaf blowers, walk behind blowers, and then we have the leaf blowers that you can use with a tractor. The two main types of tractor leaf blowers are the pull type blowers and PTO 3 Point Hitch that moves on rollers.

In this article we are going to discuss the leaf blowers that you can use with a tractor. While some might think it's a luxury to have a leaf blower that requires a tractor however in many commercial settings it's a necessity. Saving time and money in labor and manpower. Using an electic or backpack gas powered leaf blowers are great for small settings however for larger yards and settings their just not as efficent as one that is used with a tractor. Gas powered leaf blowers tend to be pretty noisey and can get heavy after awhile of carrying one around on your back, and an electric leaf blower normaly isn't strong enough and requires extention cords which can themself be a hazard.

The AgriMetal Leaf Blowers

AgriMetal is one of the leading brand in tractor driven leaf blowers with more than 10 different models. The power of their of their blowers are unmatched moving up to 10,000 cubic feet per minute at up to 200 miles per hour is insane! Just to give you a comparison hurricane wind speeds normaly range from 70 to 175 MPH and as if that wasn't enough to convince you the average backpack blower and hand held blowers only move about 300 to 500 cubic feet per minute. That's about 20 times less than a tractor driven leaf blower.

Leaf Blower

AgriMetal Leaf Blowers are actually fun to operate! What could be more satisfying than blowing every leaf, stick or pine cone on your property into a neat "ready to compost" pile, all while sitting down! Blow sidewalks, driveways, grass clippings, aeration cores, paper, cans and debris of all kinds.

These blowers are designed for years of DAILY use with proper maintenance and are used by turf professionals around the world. AgriMetal Leaf Blowers are the Pros secret to beautiful outdoor spaces!

Leaf Blower Features

Pull type blower

No. of blades:

Impeller size:

Air flow speed:
160 MPH(258km/h)

Air flow rate:
4400 CFM(115m3/m)

Outlet size:
8''x4''(20 x 10cm)

Drive system:

14 HP Kohler




Machine Weight:
240 lbs(109kg)

Shipping weight:
270 lbs(123kg)

Shipping dimensions:
32''x33''x36'' HEIGHT (81 x 84 x 91cm HEIGHT)

AgriMetal Leaf Blower Video

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